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The final assignment for my "Visual Narratives" course, I created a multimedia project, shared through the medium of Instagram. A metaphorical symbol for Portland, the Rose City,  it explores the tensions of violence and politics on both ends of the polarizing and divided political spectrum. Many of our nation's issues felt amplified as the world was faced with shutdowns, and I attempted to use this project to challenge readers to consider the hypocrisies presented by each of the parties involved in the violence through varying styles of poetry.

"frozen flames
of the city rose"

The Olympic National Park

Exploring the modern concerns of social media, this visual poem was part of my writing portfolio. The poem was composed using iPhone's messaging to display the writing across a digitalized format. Addressing the power that social media holds over our lives, this poem illuminates the idolization that occurs with current technology platforms.

Finishing at 78 lines of text, click the button below to view the entire piece.

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