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Frequently Asked Questions and questions nobody asked

  • I'm an employer from Marvel Studios, where can I access your creative work?"
    Welcome, it is a joy having you here in my corner of the world. Currently, my complete creative portfolio is not available here on my website. Please contact me via email or LinkedIn, I would be happy to forward additional materials your way. Email: Social:
  • Where are you located?
    I am located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, amongst the moss laden overgrowth and calming ocean waves. You will likely find me somewhere between "my" bed and the fridge, either in Washington or Oregon State, though it is not uncommon for myself to pass through the gorgeous California coasts, Idaho mountains, and Utah flats. I am willing to travel across the United States and globe. If you have a project in mind, feel free to contact me at my email (
  • What photography equipment do you use?
    I am a proud subscriber of the Sony brand repping the Sony A7iii as my primary camera, especially for portrait work. I often still find myself using my iPhone 11 Pro Max to have on-the-go photography access during travels. Additional gear includes my DJI Mavic Pro.
  • What are your current photography rates?
    Photography can be found via the "prices" tab on my website. The standard one hour photoshoots, with 50 edited photos, are currently $300. Check my Instagram and website to see if I am running any coupons or promotions. If you have a photoshoot vision in mind and would like to discuss prices, contact me on Instagram (@SimonBenko) or send me an email (
  • "Will you help with posing for photoshoots? I am not sure if I'm photogenic.""
    As a photographer, I strongly believe that there is nobody that is "unphotogenic." I like to think of the photography process as a conversation, and within minutes we will be able to move past any uncomforts you might have. Throught the shoot, I will provide suggestions and ideas for posing. I will also have a handful of Pinterest albums with photoshoots, poses, and models that we can reference throughout the shoot.
  • What does your photoshoot process look like?
    It varies! To me, each photoshoot is a collaborative conversation, and no single conversation is ever quite the same. Beyond contacting me and agreeing on the specifics of the photoshoot, here is what a photoshoot typically looks like: 1. We will meet at our photoshoot location, I typically arrive early to check out the location and find the best areas for shooting. 2. The photoshoot begins when I have captured the first photo of you. If we are scheduled for a thirty minute shoot at 11am shoot, but the first photo isn't taken until 11:07am, the shoot will run at least until 11:37am. It is important to me that you are both comfortable and ready, we won't get started until you're ready. 3. I am very flexible and laid back. I am in no rush the finish the photoshoot, I understand how things can change. Sometimes the photoshoots end when scheduled, sometimes they run a little longer. 4. If you are up for it, I often have music playing while we do photos. It often keeps the mood lighter and we all have a good time. 5. Following the photoshoot, I traditionally send a couple previews within a few days of the photoshoot. Depending on what is stated in our photo contract, you should receive a full album of photos no later than 4 weeks following our session.
  • How long should it take to get my photos?
    Following the photoshoot, I traditionally send a couple previews within a few days of the photoshoot. Depending on what is stated in our photo contract, you should receive a full album of photos no later than 4 weeks following our session.
  • What happens if I get sick or need to reschedule our photoshoot?
    If for any reason you find yourself needing to reschedule (or cancel), please just communicate with me as soon as you are able. Life happens, I know how busy and sudden things can be. If you can help me by communicating, I am more than happy to help you.
  • Do you ever offer free photoshoots?
    Do you ever offer to clean your friend's home for free? Sometimes, but I need to be passionate about the project, it shouldn't feel like a chore. If I want to do a free photoshoot with you, often I will contact you directly. Should you have a photoshoot idea in mind, you are welcome to message me, though do not write with the expectation that I will agree to provide you with free photography.
  • Are your photoshoots safe?
    Absolutely! I value your safety and wellbeing from the first moment we meet. If you are feeling nervous about scheduling a photoshoot, I strongly encourage you to contact past individuals that I have done photoshoots with. Photography, in my eyes, is a collaborative conversation. Ensuring that you are comfortable and enjoying the experience is one of my top priorities. I will never ask you to partake in any activities that could potentially inflict harm.
  • What is your portrait photography turn-around timeline?
    Prior to the photoshoot, I will send a photography contact that we both agree to and sign. For paid photoshoots, you will receive a full album no later than 4 weeks following our session. If I am offering free photos, that is dependent upon my schedule, though I strive for returning photos as soon as possible and will be in open communication about their completion.
  • Are you willing to shoot in the rain or poor weather?
    Of course! As a photographer in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I have had my fair share of rainy day shoots. My rain jacket is ready and my camera is willing, just ensure you communicate with me prior to our shoot so that I can work with you best!
  • What has been your favorite travel adventure?
    Roadtripping throughout Utah, without a question. That state is packed with jaw-dropping landscapes, both stunning and diverse, many of which are not publicly known locations.
  • Is Mayonnaise an Instrument?
    Yes! In fact, I proved it in 2019 when I creating a viral video that received millions of views across multiple social platforms worldwide. The video was picked up by the BViral Licensing team due to its global popularity.
  • What is your favorite Dutch Bros drink?
    I have almost exclusively ordered a small "Picture Perfect Grasshopper Frost, NO COFFEE" for close to seven years now. "But a frost is a non-caffeinated drink, there shouldn't be any coffee in it." You are absolutely correct, there shouldn't be any coffee in the drink. If I don't explicitly remind both the individual taking my order, and the baristas at the window, there is close to a 40% chance they add coffee to the drink. Even if I remind the barista, the drink occasionally manages to have coffee slipped in anyways. Why? I have no idea, my headcanon is that it is a popular coffee drink. I am not a big coffee person, sue me, so I personally dislike the caffeinated addition. If you surprise me at a photoshoot with this drink, would I be thrilled? Absolutely.
  • What does "B Hot B Simon" mean?"
    Back in 2020, my wonderful friend Lydia Kramer would create sticky note messages on her mirror. As the week progressed, she would rearrange and remove the sticky notes to create new messages throughout the week. Flashforward to my 21st birthday, she wrote me a happy birthday message on her mirror. Later in the week, she rearranged the message to read "B Hot B Simon." Naturally, my ego agreed with her words of wisdom, the only logical solution to being hot is to be Simon. So, no less, I branded the message for myself. The most prominent place that I have used "B Hot B Simon" is over on Spotify, creating volumes of music, each containing 25 songs.
  • Currently, what is your favorite song?"
    There are an endless list of songs that hold a special place in my heart, but I truly admire "It Never Rains in Southern California" by Albert Hammond. That song is incredibly meaningful to me, and beautifully written.
  • Who is Dan and what did he do?
    "Dan" is the root of all "danger." We do not speak of Dan, he know's what he did.
  • Do you, or your family, work for Marvel Studios?"
    At the moment, no! My family has never had any pre-existing ties to Marvel Studios. The opportunities I have been honored with, and connections that I have made, were established through my own personal networking. Such opportunities include 2018, when I had the honor of touring the private Marvel Studios facility, open for employees only. Owning one of the world’s rarest collections of over 500 Marvel Studios artwork, art prints, and theatrical posters, I have a one-of-a-kind collection that includes some of the most sought out Marvel art ephemera pieces ever created. This collection has allowed me to cultivate some of my strongest connections within the company.
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